I’m Alice. I write stories about people and magic.

I am a writer and editor with seven years freelance experience. I have a Masters with Distinction in Creative Writing from the University of Kent, where I wrote a sad novel about flowers, religion, identity, and that thing where you can’t express your emotions so you make a cup of tea instead.

In 2015, I entered Pitch Wars and won the chance to work with Charlie N. Holmberg, author of Wall Street Journal bestselling THE PAPER MAGICIAN series. She mentored me on the novel I was working on, a historical fantasy story much more cheerful than my dissertation project but which still featured lots of cups of tea, as well as explosions, severed fingers, and demons.

I like funny stories – funny weird and funny haha. I like stories about sex, and magic, and loneliness, and magic, and betrayal, and families, and superstition.

If you like writing those kinds of stories too, you can send them to me at Thanet Writers, where I work as Fiction Editor. I read every story that’s sent to me, and we pay £10 for every successful submission published on the website. We’re doing some exciting things with competitions and anthologies, so look out for new opportunities if you’re a writer based in Thanet.

Keep in touch on my Facebook, where I post about new things I’ve written, and on my Instagram, where I post pictures of my books, my dog, and whatever hot drink I’m into on that day. It’s riveting stuff, I promise.