I am a writer and editor based in sunny Thanet. Stories are a huge passion of mine; when I’m not working on my own, I’m either ghostwriting or editing them for other people, and I spend a lot of time picking apart the stories I love to try and figure out why they work so well. In 2019 I completed my Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Kent, working on a novel about family, mental health, loneliness, #metoo, and flowers.

I also take lots of pictures of my dog, my books, and whatever hot drink I’m consuming at that moment.

I am the Fiction Editor for Thanet Writers, where I read and edit submissions, and work with authors on fine-tuning and developing their ideas. I edited TW’s first short story anthology SHOAL, and spoke at the publication launch at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate. In November 2018, I organised and ran TW’s first NaNoWriMo write-ins.

I have provided manuscript reports and line edits for MX Publishing, the largest publisher of Sherlock Holmes fiction in the world. Since 2013, I have worked as Consultant Editor at Creative Authors Ltd, a boutique literary agency with ties to both UK and US markets.

Stories are my passion, and I have a lot of experience working with authors on making their ideas shine with as much strength and truth as possible. If you would like another pair of eyes on your story, if you’d like a trained critical perspective, there’s more about my editing services up there, and my contact details are here if you have any questions. I am always excited to take on new projects, particularly for writers based in Thanet.

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