Editing Services

I will read your manuscript and make 2-3 pages of detailed notes addressing any large-scale, big-picture issues. This option is great for authors who are confident in their own writing style but wish for another pair of eyes to critique overall issues with plot, character, pace, voice, and resolution.

50k words: £200
60k words: £250
70k words: £300
80k words: £350
90k words: £400
100k words: £450

With a line edit, I make comments and alterations in the text (using Microsoft Word’s track changes), pointing out grammar, spelling, and formatting mistakes, awkward or unclear wording, and weak lexical choices. This is in addition to comments on plot, character, etc., as in a manuscript report. A line edit benefits writers actively seeking to improve their writing skills and develop their own individual style.

50k words: £400
60k words: £450
70k words: £500
80k words: £550
90k words: £600
100k words: £650

This option gives you line edits and manuscript report on your short story (maximum 5,000 words). Short, sweet, and to the point.

Line edit and report: £35

For picture books, I focus mainly on the script but you’re welcome to include any concept art as well.

Line edit and report: £20

If you’ve already polished your manuscript to death, the next step is the query letter and a synopsis. All options includes two passes, a line edit, and a general report.

Query letter: £25
Synopsis (1-2 pages): £30
Query letter + synopsis: £50

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